‘Apparently a kid in the states had a conversation with Alexa and ended up buying a massive order of cookies and a brand new doll house.’

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Voice activated technology is tipped to hit the mainstream in 2017, as products such as Amazon Echo (better known as Alexa) and Google Home grow in popularity.

On this week’s edition of The Business, Richard Curran found out more about this emerging technology from Elaine Burke, Managing Editor of Silicon Republic.

As Elaine explains, “It’s a little bit like Siri the voice assistant on an iPhone.”

Alexa allows users to ask questions and carry out commands such as play music and order goods.

Elaine mentions the importance that users are aware of how the technology works.

“The device is always listening for that wake word… there’s a privacy element there, that there’s a device always listening”

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Hear Richard ‘meet & greet’ Alexa by clicking play above, or you can hear the full interview with Elaine about voice activated technology, here.

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