Trisha Lewis“The only thing you can do is control the controllables.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Change, minor panic, reset. Repeat. The pandemic pattern is now familiar to most of us and it helps to see other people with similar struggles come through. One such relatable person is weight-loss influencer Trisha Lewis,  who spoke to Ryan Tubridy today about how she achieved a personal re-boot while isolating at home.

The author, chef, podcaster and Instagram sensation spoke about her initial crisis reaction to lockdown:

“It’s been a roller coaster, I’ll be honest. The first few weeks I struggled really badly, I was up in a heap. I was having glasses of wine for breakfast. I was like, oh my God, I’ve lost my personal trainer.”

Trisha also told Ryan that she lost her job – temporarily, she hopes. The news came that she had been laid off on the 13th anniversary of her starting at the restaurant where she had worked as executive head chef. Things had been going well, her book was about to come out, and her weight loss was successful, if a little slower than she originally thought it should be. Then all of a sudden, change derailed Trisha’s mood before she managed to re-balance:

“I was in that space for a week, then I just kind of felt, I was very overwhelmed. I was like, I can’t do a squat without somebody beside me. So I just changed my inner belief and I was like, no, you can do it. If 26 stone Trisha can walk into the gym, 18 stone Trisha can squat in the sitting room at home.”

Trisha says working out what was in her power to change really helped.

“I just took that control, because the only thing you can do is control the controllables. And I can just control my nutrition, my exercise, my water and my sleep. I can’t control Covid-19.”

Trisha says a lot of people got in touch with her, worried that they had let themselves go. She recommends a good dose of self-compassion:

“I think we need to give ourselves a chance. This is unprecedented times. I didn’t expect it. I’m sorry about the Mars bar, but it’s all about resetting and moving on.”

Ryan honed in on an expression that Trisha used to explain how she turned things around. It was something that U2’s Adam Clayton had said in another interview with Ryan, when asked how he had achieved his current happiness, the bass guitarist replied “I got out of my own way”. It turns out Trisha came by the idea from a U2 source as well:

“My sister about a week into it, Michelle, sent me on a YouTube video of a U2 song, Get out of Your Own Way… I think it’s amazing, because you know, you do stand in your own way. You’re limiting who you are.”

Hear more about how Trisha was inspired to make a mental re-set by that U2 song and how she’s adapted her routine in lockdown in the full interview with Ryan here.

Trisha’s Transformation by Trisha Lewis is published on the 29 May 2020 by Gill Books.

And you can find Trisha on Instagram here.

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