Tantric Sex‘the orgasm doesn’t have an exclamation point. It is continuous plateau, hill, valley, a journey that we take together.’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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You may or may not remember the great line some decades ago from the legendary Oliver J Flanagan, Fine Gael politician and arch Conservative, that “there was no sex in Ireland before the Late Late Show.”

Well, whether true or not at the time, there is sex of all kinds in 21st century Ireland and the current Late Late Show presenter, Ryan Tubridy, delved into just one of those kinds on his radio show this morning. (Not in an active, participatory sense, you understand.  Let’s just make that clear.)

No, in an interview that will, no doubt, make Mr Flanagan spin in his grave, Ryan’s guest, Dawn Cartwright, extolled the virtues of Tantric sex, an area where she is both practitioner and instructor.

“Tantra is experiencing this ecstasy that we are all able to experience in our lovemaking… there are two ways to experience ecstasy. One is that we experience it as an observer.  We detach, we leave our bodies, and we see us, something outside of us.

Or, we can dissolve into it, we can become it, it takes over.  We dissolve.  And we become the transcendent.  That is tantra.  That’s Tantric sex. 7.22″


I’m convinced.

The idea, says Dawn, is that “the orgasm doesn’t have an exclamation point. It is continuous plateau, hill, valley, this journey that we take together.”

Or, to put it another way: “If you are waiting until that moment when you get between the sheets, it’s already too late.”

“Most of us have an idea of sex being a release of tension.  You feel an itch, you scratch it, you’re done. Actually, sex is something that is going on all the time…  Lovemaking starts when we are having dinner, having a conversation, it moves through all the stages of being in a relationship.”

Okay, now this all beginning to sound like a lot of hard work.  Still, we’ll remain open-minded.

Well, if you’re not 100% convinced, but you fancy learning more, Dawn Cartwright is in Ireland to deliver some workshops in Tantric sex in Dublin and Wicklow.

If you are interested, I’m sure you’ll have no problem googling Dawn to get details.

To listen to the full interview from The Ryan Tubridy Show, click here.

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