The Isolated EarTobacco is Good for You

As heard on The Isolated Ear

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The Isolated Ear – Tobacco is Good For You

The producer of The Curious Ear documentary series, Ronan Kelly, has been sent a selection of clips by RTÉ Radio Archives to help ease the isolation.

He’s sharing some of them with the RTÉ Radio 1 Highlights page.


This is worth a listen – it proves that marketing was not something dreamt up since the time of Mad Men.

It’s an advertisement from 1770 being read by John T Collins from A Munster Journal broadcast on a Raidió Éireann programme in the mid-1960s.

It’s for a tobacco called “Pectoral Balsamic Tobacco,” sold by a company called John Busteed, in Cork.

The claims being made for the health benefits of the tobacco are as outrageous as the writing is florid and overblown.  Enjoy – but don’t inhale.

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