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The Skin Nerd“It can be so simple – skincare doesn’t have to be this minefield.”

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Whether you’re a decent one, have a thick one or some in the game, skin is something we all have in common. The human body’s largest organ, our skin protects us, helps us to regulate our body temperature and allows us to feel all sorts of sensations … but we don’t always treat it with the care it deserves.

Epidermis expert Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, dropped in to chat with Ray D’Arcy about everything from serums to SPFs and influencers to inflammation.

They kicked things off by discussing The Skin Nerd’s new series Good Skin Day on the RTÉ Player where she meets celebrities, analyses their skin issues and prescribes treatments she thinks will help.

Jennifer’s main aim with the series is to educate while entertaining. She is keen to highlight that someone who may look perfect on Instagram, can still have problematic skin, saying of social media:

“It’s too perfect, it’s just not real … unfortunately a lot of time we don’t get to see real skin and real people.”

The rise of influencers, filters and even injectables, means that many people are comparing their skin to an ideal that isn’t real, in a world that is increasingly intolerant of aging.

“Wrinkles are ok. The marketing world we live in, people want you to be preserved and you shouldn’t be, you should just feel good in yourself, and that’s what we’re trying to do is empower people through education.”

Jennifer advocates getting to know what we’re using on our skin and understanding why a particular product or process is important rather than being led by marketing, packaging, influencers, etc.

“There are elements and ingredients that help our skin at a cellular level … what you put in your body, put on your face.”  

Ray wondered then if a healthy diet is enough to ensure healthy skin? While it certainly helps (Jennifer reckons what we put into our bodies is 90% of it) we are all subject to extrinsic factors that affect our skin e.g. weather, stress, soaps, detergents etc.

Ray was a little alarmed to discover that over-exposure to certain types of fluorescent light as well as blue light from phones and tablets, had also been proven to damage skin. To get ahead of the problem, he wondered when children should be introduced to skincare. It’s safe to say he was surprised by the answer.

“Age 0 – talk about the detergents that are in products, I’m not saying they need an eye cream at that age, but you should watch what they’re washing themselves with and then an SPF in the summer.”

In general, Jennifer is keen to highlight that having good skin is not about discovering magic potions or quick fixes:

“It’s not about a one prong approach, I ask clients what’s your stress level, do you have any time to yourself, how often do you drink water, all of that is where you should start, it’s not just a quick fix, rather a holistic approach.”

Good Skin Day is now available to watch on demand on the RTÉ Player.

You can hear Ray’s full interview with Jennifer Rock – aka The Skin Nerd – as well as the rest of The Ray D’Arcy Show, here.


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