The Cavan village trying to save its school‘We need 5 children for the 30th of September this year.’

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Glangevlin is a village in County Cavan. And it’s trying to encourage families to relocate to save the local National School, Curravagh N.S. They have everything they need. There’s just one thing missing. The kids. Principal of Curravagh, Tara McGrath, joined Brenda Donohue on The Ray D’Arcy Show today to make her case on why people should “Stand with Glan”. They were also joined by Susan Carton, one of those responsible for saving the National School in Kiltyclogher, Co Leitrim last year.

Tara told Brenda that the school currently has 15 students and 2 teachers but that if they don’t increase the expected registration numbers by next September, they face becoming a single-teacher school and the prospect of closure.

“We need 5 children for the 30th of September this year to maintain our 2 teachers and really to maintain our school… From our point of view, we’re looking to save our primary school in the village of Glangevlin.

One thing that sets Curravagh apart from other schools are the relationships teachers build with the students, Tara says.

Being such a small school, you know them so well from their very, very first day in school.”

Susan Carton was in the same position Tara is in now this time last year. She called their respective situations a “carbon copy” of each other. Happily, she can offer Tara some hope. She was successful in getting the number of children she needed to keep her school going. She praised the social media campaign Curravagh is running to raise awareness.

“The main thing here is the connection between people. So, it’s just trying to get people who are looking to move or interested in changing their lives, just to get them to know that there’s a wonderful community up in Glangevlin. It’s such a beautiful spot.”

Listen back to the full discussion on The Ray D’Arcy Show here.

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