The Friendship Cull‘I seem to be always meeting up with people I know well are not friends.’

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Should you spring-clean your friendship group as well as those cupboards? A debate sprang up on The Ray D’Arcy Show about the benefits of decluttering your friendship group. But are we being too quick to make the cull?

One listener wrote that she has no patience for those she feels add little to her life.

“I decided some time ago to stop meeting with people whom I no longer have much in common. Top of my list are people who speak of nothing other than their husbands and/or children. It’s so boring. I go out with people to get a change of scene, different chats etc. So, I’d advocate a culling.”

Terry pointed out the potential financial benefits of being more selective.

“I seem to be always meeting up with people I know well are not friends and the evenings cost me a load of money.”

But one listener cautioned against looking at friendship as a cost-benefit analysis, saying it’s all about give and take.

“I hope so much that people will focus on how they can add value to people’s lives, rather than living in a way that just sees how others are useful to us. I’m so thankful to those that have supported me over the past years when my husband was dying. Did I add value to their lives in that time? Probably the answer is very little. But hopefully, I will able to do more supporting others now. Without that giving and taking, our society is a much poorer one.”

Listen to the whole discussion on The Ray D’Arcy Show here.

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