Moving to a Remote Island‘If you’re sort of into boxsets and computer gaming, it’s probably not for you.’

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Fancy a change of scene? A remote island off the North Coast of Ireland is looking for a new resident. Just the one, though. Don’t want things getting overcrowded. Brenda Donohue took listeners through the nitty gritty this afternoon on The Ray D’Arcy Show.

Coney Island on Lough Neagh is in the care of the National Trust. Once home to Lord Charlemont, it’s looking for the latest islander to fill some big shoes. Island living won’t be for everyone, though. Edward Mason, the General Manager of the National Trust, told Brenda that the island is suited for someone who wants to get away from it all. You’ll need your own boat and it’s off the electricity grid. According to Edward, there’s been a lot of interest already.

“It’s the first time that we’ve opened this up as a tenancy… The local council has been running it and they’ve always had a steward who lived on the island and he would be there really to sort of meet and greet visitors and just to look after the island in general. But unfortunately, that came to an end at the end of last year.”

So, what is Edward looking for in a tenant?

“We’re really looking for someone who is sort of into a different way of life. Loves nature. And is pretty resourceful and active as well because, you know, you are on an island and you will be on your own for most of the time.”

Still sound good? Learn more at National Trust Northern Ireland.

Listen to the full interview on The Ray D’Arcy Show here.

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