Declutter TV “The peace that I feel knowing where all my things are!”

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Does binge-watching organisational TV shows count as tidying? If only. But they can kick-start your escape from the tyranny of things, according to Claire Byrne’s two guests on her show this morning. 2FM presenter Louise McSharry talks about how the new Netflix show Get Organized With The Home Edit got her in the zone for a complete re-vamp of her box room and decluttering coach Suzy Kell spoke about her work and shared some great tips.

As a busy parent, radio presenter, writer and beauty reviewer, Louise McSharry says she had accumulated a lot of “stuff”. Much of it ended up in one room of her house and it got to the point where it was hard to close the door, let alone find anything. Louise was determined to get a handle on it, and she found inspiration in the Netflix series Get Organized With The Home Edit:

“I just watched Organized until I went to bed and then I got up and started the organising again. I was just completely, you know, sunken into that world.”

Louise says she thinks stuffing the spare room with clothes, make up and other things started to become an issue a few years back, when keeping track of her own posessions went down the list of her priorities:

“It was really a problem. And I think it started after I had my first son, I had some post-natal depression and it wasn’t important to me, it wasn’t a priority for me to manage my own things. And I never got it back, basically. So, it’s been four years of chaos in that room.”

Louise explained that her over-stuffed room wasn’t just a practical issue, it was starting to affect her mood:

“It was getting in on me mentally and making me feel really bad and kind of ashamed and out of control, really.”

Decluttering expert Suzy Kell agrees that stress levels can rise steeply in line with the clutter mountain. She says one fan of minimalism who wrote a book called Goodbye, Things says the unused objects in our homes are sending us messages; not literally, but the effect is dramatic:

 “What he says is; ‘Your things talk to you.’ You know they’re not just there, sitting in the corner taking up space, they’re saying ‘You haven’t cleaned me! You don’t do this activity any more. You never have people over.’ They kind of taunt you a little bit. And that builds up and builds up.”

Clients even end up buying doubles of things they already own, but can’t find, Suzy says:

“I have clients who are re-buying things; like they’ll have multiple pairs of scissors. They just can’t find a pair of scissors and they just need them.”

Louise says she has now beaten that spare room and it’s been completely transformed. She says it was a lot of work, but also exhilarating to get it done. Louise says it’s brought her to a whole new level of calm:

 “The peace that I feel knowing where all  my things are. I know where my stuff is!”

Suzy has plenty of thoughts on avoiding the accumulation of new clutter, once the big clear out has happened, and Louise shared a personal tip for keeping her wardrobe lean and avoiding those impulse buys:

“With clothes shopping, I do a lot of placing things in my saved basket online and I just never buy them, and I find that kind of fills the gap for me!”

Suzy says that we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves when it comes to tackling clutter. She says immaculate results take time to achieve, and small steps really count:

“One thing I’m a big proponent of is, any progress is progress.”

Suzy Kell has lots of tips on how to avoid getting overwhelmed by your “stuff” and what to do when that happens in Claire Byrne’s full interview with Suzy and Louise McSharry; listen back here.

Listen to Weekend Mornings with Louise McSharry, 9-11 am Saturday and Sunday on 2FM.

You can find decluttering coach Suzy Kell at @suzykelldecluttering on Instagram.

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