The Irish Goodbye“Often you can feel pressurised in social situations when you don’t want to be there and you want to leave.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Our secret is out. Associate Editor of Vice UK, Sirin Kale, discovered the Irish method of leaving a “do” – she has some Irish friends, she told Ryan Tubridy – and decided it was something worth sharing with our nearest neighbours. She wrote what Ryan described as a love letter to what we’re calling the Irish Goodbye. This is the way we take our leave of social situations quietly, without even saying goodbye and an hour later the other people notice we’re no longer there. Sure, it can seem a little rude, but the important thing is that no fuss was made.

“The thing that I love the most about an Irish Goodbye is that often you can feel pressurised in social situations when you don’t want to be there and you want to leave. So the Irish Goodbye allows you to leave without making a fuss, which is ideal for me, really.”

Sirin told Ryan that announcing your departure usually means people try to make you stay a little longer, have another drink, sing another rebel song… The potential embarrassment for everyone is obvious. People should just be allowed to leave when they want to leave. Hence, the Irish Goodbye.

(Never one to miss an opportunity to mention his pal Hugh Jackman, Ryan played Sirin a clip of the X-Men actor trolling him with an Irish Goodbye in the middle of a live interview.)

The Irish Goodbye works especially well for people of an introverted nature, which Sirin recently discovered described her. But, she told Ryan, the traditional thinking behind introversion isn’t necessarily accurate:

“Often people have a mistaken assumption of what an introvert is. They think it’s someone who’s very shy and retiring and I’m not any of those things. I think it’s more about the energy that you put out into the world.”

Socialising can be quite exhausting, and Sirin spent a long time wondering why she was feeling tired all the time, before realising that it was connected to the fact that she’s an introvert. And that was the cue for the Irish Goodbye to ride to the rescue:

“So often, when I was at those, sort of social gatherings and I was starting to feel a bit worn down by all of it, I would just quietly grab my coat and leave.”

By George, I think she’s got it!


You can hear Ryan’s full interview with Sirin, as well as the rest of The Ryan Tubridy Show here:


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