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In November 1950, James Everett, the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs, made a hiring decision and didn’t think much else about it. A new sub-postmaster for Wicklow’s Baltinglass Post Office.

Unfortunately for Everett and his government, this one decision would divide the town of Baltinglass and inspire an army of protestors centred around Nellie Cooke. The former nun, former IRA courier…and former sub-postmistress of Baltinglass Post Office.

Using tactics learned by locals who had just returned from WWII, the town of Baltinglass was soon home to air raid sirens, severed telephone poles and sentries stationed around the town. The actions of these protestors would inevitably bring the Irish government to the point of collapse. But how did they get to that point?

Find out now on Documentary on One – The Battle of Baltinglass.

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