Olivia O'Leary on Trump‘Trump could win again…we may be fooling ourselves if we think he won’t.’

As heard on Drivetime

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He could win again, you know. I woke up this morning realising that Trump could win again. And that we may be fooling ourselves if we think he won’t. And I wasn’t thinking particularly about the summit with North Korea but just about the odds. And they were the same odds that indicated that he would win in the first place in 2016. I had a great …

Callan's KicksLeo: ‘Quinton, Polly… I need another epic Repeal the 8th tweet. I’m going full Repeal…’

As heard on Callan's Kicks

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Healy-Rae calls of the wild in the Dáil, Mary Lou’s leadership test, Leo and Murphs in a hipster bar and Trump’s parade. Callan's Kicks Important news, guys, the amazeballs Callan’s Kicks is back…Callan's Kicks returns with Oliver’s weekly dose of satire… self-satisfaction guaranteed… Available live on RTÉ Radio 1, Friday at 6.30pm or subscribe to the podcast by searching in …

Fire and Fury‘A pacy, evocative insight into the chaos of the Trump administration.’

As heard on Claire Byrne

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Journalist Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury has been making waves in the US and abroad and is on track to be the bestselling book of 2018. The book follows American President Donald Trump’s first days in the White House and paints an unflattering picture of his administration. Political Editor with The Irish Examiner, Daniel McConnell joined Claire Byrne on Saturday with Claire Byrne to give his take on the book …

‘To all you men, all that matters is size.’

As heard on liveline

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It’s not often we give two bites of the cherry to the same subject covered on the one programme, but today’s Liveline just had too many cherries to pick from! Earlier in the show, and in an earlier story, we focused on Jo, a female Trump supporter from North Dakota, squaring up against Vincent, a Trump critic (to put it …