Sex Education‘An interesting concoction.’

As heard on arena

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As if being a teenager isn’t awkward enough, Otis Milburn’s parents have only one thing on the brain. Sex. Well, it is their job… In the new Netflix series, Sex Education, Asa Butterfield plays Otis, the perennially-mortified son to Gillian Anderson’s Jean Milburn, a sex therapist. Mary McGill gave Arena listeners a first look at Netflix’s latest gambit. One thing that stands out to her is how fluid …

My 10 year-old saw pornography‘You can’t turn the clock back. It’s really about talking about what it is that she has seen.’

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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David Coleman is on hand with more advice for concerned parents on Today with Sean O’Rourke. Today he heard from a mum who’s 10 year old daughter heard about sex from a friend, googled it and ended up being exposed to pornography. The child’s parents were understandably very upset at this turn of events but David provided some guidance in …