Pandemic Sleep Problems“Nearly all of us will have experienced one or all of those symptoms.”

As heard on Today with Claire Byrne

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If nothing else, the decades-long pandemic we’re all living through has given us a plethora of new words for our previously-stale vocabularies. And when Claire Byrne spoke to Andrew Coogan, Behavioural Neuroscientist and Director of the Chronobiology and Sleep Research Laboratory at Maynooth University, about the growing numbers of people experiencing pandemic sleep problems, some juicy new words were included. Chronobiology, for starters, but also Coronasomnia. And …

Pandemic Maternity“It was just torture having Pat outside the door.”

As heard on liveline

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It’s not easy under “normal” circumstances to get the news that a longed-for pregnancy may not be viable. Pandemic measures in maternity hospitals have created a whole new set of issues, like the physical separation of women from their partners at a time when they both need support. Joe Duffy heard stories of recent miscarriages from several women on today’s …