Éanna Ní Lamhna“People are out clipping their hedges and trimming their lawns because there’s nothing else to do. Stop!”

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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If you’re a reluctant gardener in this time of lockdown and distancing, good news comes your way today, courtesy of environmentalist, author and broadcaster, Éanna Ní Lamhna. Éanna spoke to Seán O’Rourke on Tuesday about the wonders of nature and the natural world in Springtime within two kilometres of most people’s homes. And one of the key tips she delivered …

Living Off the Grid“I think when we bring all of these technologies into our lives, we’re rejecting a lot of life.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Do you think you could live without your phone? What about the Internet? Your car? Electricity? The toilet? It’s one thing to stop using a smartphone, Tubridy-style, but it’s quite another few steps along the way to give up all forms of technology. That’s what Mark Boyle has done for the past three years. He came in to studio to …