Dr Deirdre Lundy on Menopause“There are so many people who are not being helped, who could easily be helped.”

As heard on liveline

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For more than a week, listeners to Liveline have heard the stories of women in Ireland going through menopause and the majority of them have not had happy stories to tell. Women have spoken of being fobbed off by doctors, misdiagnosed, insulted and, in so many cases, left to suffer needlessly. Talking to Joe Duffy on Tuesday, Ann recounted what a GP said to her when she presented with …

Liz Earle on menopause

Liz Earle“Not every woman is going to have a baby. Every single woman is going to have a menopause.”

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Wellness guru Liz Earle is all fired up about the menopause. Hot flushes aren’t to blame, but rather the lack of information available to women and the limited training GPs receive on the subject. “This is a scandal. When you think that throughout all of the medical school training, and I think it’s seven years minimum for GP training, they …

The menopause explained ‘What I would often see women with more than anything else and they would often be mood variation, anxiety, irritability, poor confidence’

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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52 is the average age at which a woman enters menopause, however, a level of confusion can hang over this topic.  Dr Máire Finn joined Sean O’Rourke to talk about what the menopause is and how best to deal with it. “It’s defined as the permanent end of your periods and your fertile or your reproductive life.  It’s an easy …