The Olivia O'Leary column‘Is it possible that the abortion issue might be the one that breaks the tribal lines in the North?’

As heard on Drivetime

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Nobody knows more than the fella in the pub. The combined knowledge of a dozen university departments are as nothing when compared with the profound wisdom of the fella in the pub. The same fella knew more about having babies, about classical music, about politics than any of us who might claim some expertise in the area. Indeed, my husband, wandering in …

Callan's KicksLeo: ‘Quinton, Polly… I need another epic Repeal the 8th tweet. I’m going full Repeal…’

As heard on Callan's Kicks

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Healy-Rae calls of the wild in the Dáil, Mary Lou’s leadership test, Leo and Murphs in a hipster bar and Trump’s parade. Callan's Kicks Important news, guys, the amazeballs Callan’s Kicks is back…Callan's Kicks returns with Oliver’s weekly dose of satire… self-satisfaction guaranteed… Available live on RTÉ Radio 1, Friday at 6.30pm or subscribe to the podcast by searching in …

Sinn Fein Leadership ‘You’ll be the first to know, Sean’

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Nothing like a dingdong battle of wills between two top practitioners in their respective fields to light up the airwaves on a sunny, Thursday morning. Mary Lou McDonald, Sinn Fein’s vice president and, according to many in the know, would-be party leader, kicked off her interview on Today with Sean O’Rourke in combative mode, and it was a theme that …