Katie Kirk talks about Anorexia Athletica

Katie Kirk on Anorexia Athletica“There is no such thing as a perfect body”

As heard on Today with Miriam

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25 year-old Katie Kirk is an elite athlete. She’s just back from competing for Ireland in the 800m at the European Team Championships in Norway. Just a few short years ago though, she was told she’d never run again.

Battling Bulimia ‘It was a vocation and it was a very sick one.’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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The death of her father when she was 15 sent Ryan Tubridy’s guest Rosalyn Sheehy spiralling into grief and heartbreak, ultimately culminating in a crippling eating disorder.  Rosalyn joined Ryan to talk about the difficult time that sparked a dramatic transformation and about her recovery and the subsequent book she has inspired.  When asked why Rosalyn felt she developed bulimia …