Diego Maradona“He’s a child in many ways. He’s a lost, vulnerable child who becomes well known.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Pelé or Maradona? Most football fans will come down on one side or the other when it comes to which is the best player in the world… ever! The director of Senna and Amy (for which he won an Oscar) Asif Kapadia, like most people of a certain age, remembers seeing Maradona playing in the World Cup in the 1980s …

Vivienne Westwood ‘The incredible thing about Vivienne is that there’s no overnight success there.  This was a long, long hard journey.’ 

As heard on arena

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“Do we have to cover every bit of it, you know?” moaned Vivienne Westwood.  “It’s so boring to say all this.”  Despite her protestations, the life, times and achievements of the fashion icon are anything but boring, as evidenced in new film, Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist.  Director Lorna Tucker spoke to Seán Rocks on Arena about capturing a legend on …

Documentary On OneMighty Mac

As heard on Documentary On One

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Master upholsterer and Limerick man Ger McNamara has a very difficult challenge ahead – to restore a rare and collapsed 18th century ‘Bellamy’ couch that other upholsters refused to take on.  That’s not all Ger has on his plate.  Oh no.  There is also the small matter of a world record on the line.  In his other life, Ger is …

R.E.M. Out Of AthensListen to Ken Sweeney’s New Rockumentary

As heard on RTÉ Radio 1

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The inspiration for my documentary R.E.M. Out Of Athens was a typed handout R.E.M. gave out at their early shows in 1981, which just turned out on the web out of nowhere. What I loved about the handout was the way R.E.M. spoke to their audience, without being condescending, and also the way they plugged rival bands like The Replacements and Jason …

Meet the Manager‘Behind every great artist, there’s usually a great manager, but what do they do exactly?’

As heard on Someone To Watch Over Me - The Music Manager

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Recently, Will Leahy set out on a journey to meet some of the best music managers in the business and ask what they felt their role entailed. “…I’ve always been fascinated by the mechanics of the music industry, just as much as the music itself. The unseen member of any band is the manager… but what do they do exactly?” …

Content Moderator ‘One person described it as like working in a sewer’

As heard on The Marian Finucane Show

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Have you ever wondered how sites like Facebook and Twitter ensure that offensive material doesn’t reach our eyeballs? The issues became a hot topic earlier this month when Steve Stephens uploaded a video to Facebook which showed him murdering an innocent man. The video remained on the site for two hours, prompting criticism that Facebook still has a long way …

Finding Banni‘He looked only two or three, but he was seven years of age’

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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RTÉ reporter Colm Flynn joined Seán O’Rourke on Wednesday morning to talk about a boy from Belarus who stayed with his family fifteen years ago. Banni was brought by a charity from an orphanage in a small village near Chernobyl to Ireland. Colm – who was then twelve – and his brother and sister were asked by their parents if …