Documentary on OneCigarettes and Samba

As heard on Documentary On One

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The Republic of Ireland soccer team’s 1982 tour of South America was one of the most farcical episodes in Irish sport. Travelling during the Falklands War, the team had four games, three defeats, and two cancellations. But how did half the squad end up being detained by armed police? And how did a carpet salesman from Limerick end up sitting …

Countdown to the World Cup‘Neymar is the one who could come forward and really star for his country.’

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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With just over two days until the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Moscow, Sean O’Rourke recruited two star players to give him the rundown when it comes to the ones to beat, the ones to watch and individual players who might rise through the ranks. Brian Kerr, RTE World Cup Analyst and Commentator and Gavin Hamilton, Editor of World Soccer Magazine joined Sean on …