Banksy at 20‘Technically that’s what it is – it’s spray paint and stencils.’

As heard on arena

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The street artist (or artists) known as Banksy has been sneakily painting images on walls since 1997. Even if you don’t know his (or her, or their) name, you’ll be familiar with some of the work: Girl with a Balloon, Flower Chucker, Maid Sweeping – the titles (if that’s what they are) may be more on the purely descriptive rather …

Buying Art ‘The taste in Ireland is still very conservative.’

As heard on The Marian Finucane Show

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The notion of buying art means different things to different people: some buy art because they want to impress others, or because they believe they’re making a sound investment, or maybe because it matches the three-piece suite and then some buy art just because they like it. According to art journalist Des O’Sullivan, that last reason is the only one …