Aran Jumpers“The Museum of Modern Art were doing an exhibition on garments that have stood the test of time, like the little black dress, or the Levi’s jeans, and, of course, the Aran sweater.” 

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Even though Taylor Swift’s Folklore, the new album she unleashed on an unsuspecting world last week, has been garnering widespread acclaim from critics, it seems that here in Ireland, we’re less focused on the music and more excited by the jumper. Yes, the fact that the hugely popular singer is wearing an Aran jumper in publicity shots for her new album has generated quite a level of excitement …

The Aran Jumper‘I think it’s one of those items we ended up turning into humble masterpiece’

As heard on arena

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What makes an item of clothing iconic? ‘Is fashion modern?’ is a new exhibition that will take place in New York next month that includes an array of iconic typologies over the past century including the great symbol of Irish style, The Aran Geansaí. Michelle Millar Fisher who is one of the curators from MoMa New York exhibition, joined Sean Rocks on …