Ryan Tubridy“I look up and all I see, hurtling down the escalator, is runaway baby.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Ryan Tubridy: mild-mannered presenter by day, baby-saving superhero by… well, also by day, as it happens. On Wednesday’s Ryan Tubridy Show, our host removed his glasses and, as the (imaginary) music swelled, revealed his secret identity. Ryan told how, the day before, he had been going along doing his weekly shop, when he was unexpectedly called into action. The shopping centre he was in is being refurbished and the non-working, carpet-covered travelator is being used to go both up and down between floors. Who knew something so mundane could be so life-threatening? There was Ryan at the bottom of the travelator, looking up:

“This all happened in slow motion. At the very top was a mum with a buggy, with a child of about 18 months in the buggy, eating what looked like a cinnamon swirl.”

The happy child had no idea what was about to happen. The mum appeared hassled, holding a box under her arm and hanging on to the buggy by its strap. For a brief moment, everything was perfectly fine. Then:

“In a split-second, the strap snapped open. The buggy was released. I look up and all I see, hurtling down the escalator, is runaway baby.”

Using his supervision, the eagle-eyed radio host noted that the cinnamon swirl was broken in half, but the baby was otherwise unperturbed by the sudden acceleration. For Ryan, though, it was time to take action.

“I crouched, put my arms out and… boof! It stopped the buggy in its tracks.”

Pausing only to check that the baby was ok, Ryan flew up and sped off in the direction of his secret fortress of solitude. That’s what happened and no one can prove that it didn’t. Alright, it didn’t. But it could have.

The baby was fine, the mum was understandably upset, but relieved that Ryan had been there, cape-less, but always ready to spring into action. Just another Tuesday in the life of a mild-mannered radio and TV presenter…

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