Sophie Corrigan on her dad, DJ Matt“I think I can speak on behalf of everybody, now, when I say he was a legend. And he will never ever, ever, ever be forgotten.”

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Sophie Corrigan talked to Joe Duffy today on Liveline about the sudden death of her much-loved Dad, DJ Matt Corrigan. Sophie spoke about her father’s musical and personal legacy and her aim to get the message out there about support services for people living with depression, especially during the pandemic.

Matt didn’t die of Covid-19, but the circumstances of the pandemic had made things difficult for him, according to Sophie:

“It was just unfortunate, you know, the timeline. It’s what’s going on in the world right now and of course everybody’s suffering with that right now. There’s so many people out there and there’s just, there’s such sadness around it.”

Sophie says Matt was a brilliant dad, who supported his four kids in every way he could, loved by his community and by people from far beyond his birthplace in Dublin’s Gloucester Place.

“There’s so many people that know him. There’s so many people that love and respect him. He was always known as DJ Matt; that was his nickname, that was his name. Yeah, that’s who he was known as, completely. To me he was known as my Da and he was known as my best friend.”

DJ Matt shared his love of music with anyone and everyone, Sophie says. She says it was a powerful force for good in his life:

“He was the godfather of music. He was the man of music. He gave the gift of music to everyone. He touched everybody through music. For himself, music was his medicine and it was his way of connecting to himself and to other people. He was always in his best when he was around music.”

Sophie says her Dad gave her and her three siblings an incredible gift:

“Every single one of us has the touch of music from when we were all younger. He introduced us to that, to his legacy. I think I can speak on behalf of everybody, now, when I say he was a legend. And he will never ever, ever, ever be forgotten.”  

DJ Matt was a “local celebrity” Sophie says, who got on with everyone and was always there for his kids:

“Most importantly, he just was an amazing father and I could never have asked for more of him.”

Dublin City Councillor Christy Burke, who knew Sophie’s dad, offered his sympathy to the family and reiterated what Sophie said about DJ Matt’s standing in the community:

“Matt was more popular than Elvis. He was a great guy to draw the best out of you.”

Coming back to her motivation to get in touch with Liveline, Sophie spoke about the way music was a source of comfort to her Dad when he felt low. She also wanted to make the point that talking to people about how you feel can make things easier:

“Speak out. Find someone to talk to. It doesn’t matter who it is, it’s so, so, so important to find someone and talk to someone. Do not bottle it in. Because life is way too precious.”

If you need to talk to someone, you can reach the Samaritans on 116 123 and there’s no charge day or night to make a call. You can also contact them by email at

You can hear Sophie’s full conversation with Joe from Thursday’s Liveline here.

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