First Dates Shawna ‘I tried so hard Ryan, and it wasn’t happening!’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Viewers may have thought self-proclaimed kama sutra aficianado Pranay had met his match in online sex shop owner Shawna Scott on last night’s First Dates, but it soon became all too apparent that this partnership was not going to go all the way.  Shawna spoke to Ryan Tubridy about the ill-fated date:

“I thought he was very cute, I loved his hair, I loved his jacket, definitely my type…  I was like, ok, this is going to go really well.  Asked him what he did for a living and he’s an aeronautics engineer and I was like, awesome, because I’m from Seattle, so Boeing country, hello!  I just want to talk about aeroplanes, and he didn’t seem like he wanted to talk much at all!”

Awkward gazes and radio silence met much of Shawna’s enthusiastic line of questioning and viewers became painfully aware of the tumbleweed rolling by as desperate attempts to salvage conversation were shot down.

“I was trying so hard, like a big part of my job is trying to draw people out and make them more comfortable in what is typically an uncomfortable situation, like talking about sex.  I tried so hard Ryan and it wasn’t happening!… That went on for 2 hours, like two full hours!”

Shawna explained the premise behind her business,, to Ryan.  Her intention was to set up a female-oriented shopping experience that was friendly, open and “felt more like shopping in a regular boutique,” but due to Dublin rental prices, Shawna had to take her business online, a decision she is retrospectively very happy with.

“Generally my customer demographic is a 50/50 men and women demographic which I was very surprised by…  It is 50/50 Dublin and the rest of the country, age range typically kind of 25-40 but…  I work with a lot of physiotherapists so I get a lot of post-menopausal women who are like buying sex toys for the very first time and yeah, it’s great, I love my job!”

It’s more than a job to Shawna.  It’s an ethos, and one she wants to share with the rest of the country.

“I kind of like to use my shop as a platform to force the issue and talk about sex more openly and I feel like I’ve had pretty good success with that.”

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