How to Say it the Way it Is‘Political with a capital P’

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If you’ve ever wanted to see Tony Blair taking a selfie in front of an explosion in an Iraqi desert, producer Kay Sheehy may have found the art exhibition for you. She joined Sean Rocks on Arena to tell him her thoughts on How to Say it the Way it Is!, currently being staged at the Rua Red Gallery in Tallaght.

Describing it as “Political with a capital P”, Kay told Sean that the exhibition features work from all over the world, including renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Ai WeiWei’s work, Study of Perspective, features photographs of the artist quite literally “giving the finger to famous landmark buildings”. Kay notes the inclusion of Tiananmen Square, which she believes was a particularly meaningful addition to Ai Weiwei.

“It’s like a tourist photograph and what you see extending from where the camera is is Ai’s finger pointing towards – let’s say – the Reichstag, the Eiffel Tower, the White House and most importantly for him, Tiananmen Square…He’s telling it where to go…The series achieved worldwide fame, especially when Ai Weiwei was brought in and was interrogated by the Chinese police.”

Sean was curious to know whether Kay found any of the work “too on the nose”? She admits that, at times, she would have preferred more subtlety.

I felt I was hit over the head with a hammer. I would rather more subtle work. But I think, as an exhibition to go and see, it really is quite exciting.”

Listen back to the full review by Kay Sheehy on Arena here.

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