Pat Shortt‘We used to always describe an acceptable level of madness in Irish society.’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Pat Shortt is feeling a little delicate. Why? Well, people tried to drown him in a hot tub, that’s why. And he cracked a rib trying to escape from what could have been a warm, watery grave. So while he might be a little delicate, at least he’s alive. But how did this happen? Did intruders break into the comedian’s home, unexpectedly finding him in his hot tub and decide they had to do away with any witnesses? Nothing so dramatic – although drama-related: Pat finished shooting a film last week and although his injuries are real, his assailants were pretending to try to drown him. The problem is, they may have been a bit too convincing in their performances.

“When you’re doing a stunt in a film, being the actor, you’ve got to kind of do the start of it and then the stuntman steps in and takes over.”

But feeling like you’re drowning is still feeling like you’re drowning, and Pat twisted struggling to get out of the tub to make way for the stuntman and cracked a rib. Was it worth it? The film is an adaptation of an acclaimed Kevin Barry story, Dark Lies the Island, so it promises to be, as Pat tells Ryan, “fantastic”.

Of course, Pat Shortt has more strings to his bow than comedy alone. Indeed, his own website proclaims him to be a comedian, actor, musician and producer. He’s been acting for many years and most people will remember his excellent turn as Josie in Lenny Abrahamson’s 2007 film Garage. Ryan also mentions seeing his performance in Martin McDonagh’s The Cripple of Inishmaan in London and tells him that he must relish the opportunity to do different things in his work.

“It’s great to have a kind of diversity in your career… not everyone gets the opportunity to do that… especially with comedians because they tend to get typecast.”

Stressing how lucky he has been to have avoided being typecast in the goofy comic relief role, Pat tells Ryan that outside of Ireland, he’s more well-known as a straight actor than as a comedian. Having said that, he then starts talking about his new comedy stage show, How’s Tings, which is currently on a nationwide tour and lands in Vicar Street in Dublin in January.

You can hear the full discussion with Pat Shortt and listen back to the rest of The Ryan Tubridy Show here.

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