Landlords and parking fees‘My partner’s car was keyed’

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Liveline has been discussing the issue of the 4% rent increase cap. Joe spoke to Claire – who is renting in Dublin – about additional charges brought in by her landlord that coincide with this cap.

Claire told Joe that her landlord has introduced waste charges of €25 per month and a parking charge of €100 per month per car. These charges are an increase of “over 12%” on Claire’s rent – excluding the 4% increase – and had previously been included in her rent.

“The uptake on the parking wasn’t very high, as you can imagine. So, they have since dropped that to €50 a month.”

The introduction of the parking fee has resulted in some residents from Claire’s complex choosing to park outside the gates on the public road. Joe put it to Claire that this has caused distress to some local residents. Claire recounted the issues both sides have been having as a result.

“We don’t want to be parking on that road either…it’s obviously inconvenient…Our car, at least, is always parked safely…We got a letter saying that damage had been done to some residents’ cars. We didn’t know what that was about and then that very evening, my partner’s car was keyed…He was on the public road.”

Listen back to the full discussion on Liveline here.

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