Sex and the Irish“Call me old-fashioned, but I’m glad I got the mystery tour.”

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When people heard that Panti Bliss was going to be doing a series for radio called Pantisocracy, they were sure it was going to be all about sex all the time. Well, it actually took her until series four, but finally, this week’s show is – yes! – all about sex. Sex and the Irish, no less. Panti and her guests are talking the birds and the bees, sex education and how we learn about sex and sexuality, consent and coercion, desire and intimacy.

“One of the subjects that inevitably makes me feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder when talking to millennials, is sex.”

With Panti to discuss Sex and the Irish are the self-titled joy-bringer and sex-positive parent, Taryn De Vere; former Republic of Ireland footballer, sports commentator and psychotherapist, Richie Sadlier; Shawna Scott, who runs Sex Siopa, a female-friendly online sex shop; and academic Dr Paul Ryan, who’s made a career out of studying the sex habits of the Irish.

Performing on the show are Maria Walsh and Carole Nelson, who make up the music duo, Zrazy. And apparently, Zrazy are the ones who gave us the iconic chant that is Ooh-ah, Paul McGrath, and thus, according to Panti, earned themselves the status of national treasures.

Panti’s opening monologue deals with her own history of sex and sexuality. Although she doesn’t feel particularly old, sex for her generation was a gradual revelation:

“The mysteries of sex and sexuality were teasingly, slowly revealed to me over the years, decades, epochs, even.”

That contrasts with young people these days who get the entire sum of knowledge of human sexuality dumped on them at 4G speeds in under 30 seconds. That’s not what Panti thinks is ideal.

“Call me old-fashioned, but I’m glad I got the mystery tour.”

Pantisocracy airs Tuesday night at 10pm on RTÉ Radio 1. You can hear this week’s episode here:


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