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22-year-old college graduate David Atkinson decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  Armed with experience as a TV reporter, a degree and the necessary documentation (and the prerequisite not-insignificant amount of money required), he successfully bagged the one-year graduate visa.  Except it’s not a one-year graduate visa.  What the visa actually entails is a 90-day dash to get a one year paid internship in a field relevant to your degree in order to stay in the country and for David, that meant getting work in the notoriously difficult-to-infiltrate land of television.

The race was on and the clock was ticking.  Eventually, David did manage to get TV presenting work, only to have the company fold shortly afterwards and it was back to square one, except this time he had significantly fewer than 90 days to secure his American dream.

New York – 1, David – 0 follows David’s quest for gainful employment and legal status, this weekend’s Documentary on One on RTÉ Radio 1.

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