Writer Michael Harding‘The first darkness had risen in my life, the sense that the world is seriously troubled.’

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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If you could put together a soundtrack that would represent your life – music, snippets from radio and television, sounds from nature – what would you choose?

It’s a challenging question and one that writer Michael Harding attempted to answer when he came on The Ray D’Arcy Show to take part in the “Soundtrack to your life” segment.

Michael told Ray that he was born in 1953 in the family home.

“I was sudden. I must have surprised the mother. She never forgave me.”

Michael took Ray through some of his childhood memories and the sounds he remembers from that time, including the songs his father played on his prized record player (“the black box”).

“You could measure his mood from, let’s say, Gilbert and SullivanSo, he’s in a fairly light and lively mood..But when he played Wagner the floorboards in the bedroom kind of moved a little bit and you thought, God, he’s in a heavy mood tonight.

Ray asked if listening to his father’s choice in music allowed him to learn more about him as a person. Michael thinks that watching someone react to music can be a vital element in getting to know them.

There’s two ways you’ll understand people and there’s two ways you’ll fall in love with people or forgive them… When you watch them listening to music or when you watch them sleeping. You can’t resist embracing their humanity.”

Throughout the wide-ranging interview, Michael talked about some of the milestones in his life and how music and sound tied in with them. Going to school and being cool if you listened to The Kinks. The fun of Radio Luxembourg. The fear that came with listening to news reports about The Troubles on a transistor radio.

“The first darkness had risen in my life, the sense that the world is seriously troubled... You’d be astonished what you’d hear.

Listen back to the full interview with Michael Harding on The Ray D’Arcy Show here.

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