The phenomenal success of Love Island ‘Bikinis are key’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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“We’re addicted to Love… Island,” quipped Dave Fanning, talking to Sheena McGinley of the Irish Independent on The Ryan Tubridy Show about the ITV2 phenomenon (Irish viewers watched in their droves on 3e) that’s got the nation talking, speculating and voting.  Though sceptical at first, Sheena found herself under its spell as the love lives of tanned, toned twenty-year-olds sucked us all in.

“I had to binge watch 3 episodes, rolling my eyes as I first started watching the opening credits, people arriving in high heels and bikinis and veneers and everybody very groomed but yeah, after three episodes, I found myself watching it all the time.”

Sheena speculated that the World Cup may explain why the audience for the show has grown by a whopping 223% this year as it’s the perfect easy-watching antidote to the footie but somehow the show has commanded the attention of the hard-to-reach younger market for whom streaming is a way of life.  “It’s the TV audience that doesn’t watch TV and they’ve grasped it big time,” as Dave put it.

While the interaction between the 38 contestants throughout the last few weeks has been intriguing, the ultimate winners have been pretty much a sure thing since the start.

“There’s a girl in the couple that is tipped to win tonight, Dani and Jack Fincham, Dani Dyer is Danny Dyer’s daughter from Eastenders so Mick the landlord in the ‘Queen Vic’ in Eastenders is Dani Dyer’s father in real life.”

If the pair wins, they’re in line for a £50,000 prize but that’s nothing in comparison to the money they’re set to make in sponsorship and spin-offs.  Dave pointed out, “I saw the figures for last year’s people.  Nobody made less than 900 grand in the 12 months afterwards.”

While there were more applicants for this year’s Love Island than for all Oxbridge universities combined, the producers were hard at work prior to the series’ kickoff recruiting contestants from social media.

“A lot of them were influencers, to begin with, to be honest.  Dani Dyer, her Instagram, she started off with 85,000 followers and how she has 1.9 million. That’s an awful lot of additional followers.  They’re pretty much sorted when it comes to the career options which is obviously to be in the spotlight.”

While no one will be surprised if and when Dani and Jack do come out on top, there are screenings and viewing parties taking place all over the country for Monday’s (30th July) grand finale.  Guilty pleasure at its glitziest.

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