Conscious Uncoupling‘I wasn’t at all prepared for the emotional impact. The range of emotions…’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Kate Gunn joined Ryan Tubridy to discuss her personal experience of divorce, and how her family coped.

The author of the book ‘Untying the Knot’, who firmly believes in the process of conscious uncoupling told Ryan that, at the time, it was a difficult experience to say the least.

“I wasn’t at all prepared for the emotional impact. The range of emotions, The grief, the confusion, the guilt.”

Kate explains how she and her ex-husband, Christian went about explaining what was happening to their children.

“It’s a horrible conversation to have to have with these little children because they are these little beings that you’d do anything for… and you are going to be the person who hurts them the most.”

“You could see the understanding passing across the faces”

And on the practicalities of divorce,

“It was always a moveable feast. Nobody was trying to keep the children from anyone or take all of the money”

Kate and her husband managed to come out the other side of the process while firmly remaining as friends.

To listen to Kate’s full conversation with Ryan, click here.

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