QI creator John Lloyd‘Everybody is born a genius, everybody is intelligent’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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John Lloyd is responsible for some of the most iconic TV of recent times. Spitting Image, Blackadder, Not the Nine O’clock News and QI are just some of his magnificent creations.

It’s often that the original ideas that look strange at first but then people get used to them.  This is what John says what happened to the quiz show QI. He told Ryan that people assumed it wouldn’t work… but it did.

“People used to always say about QI that it shouldn’t work but it does. Something we don’t quite understand.”

When John is giving talks at schools he explains to students that iconic figures in history such as Einstein and Mozart weren’t the best with academia. Einstein, in fact, tried three times to get into college. John believes that there’s a chance for everybody and that’s what inspired QI.

“There’s a chance for everybody and that’s really what QI is trying to get at … Anybody can do QI research. If you can read, you can do QI research.”

John remarks that the philosophy of QI comes from two things. The first being that everybody is born a genius but not everybody is as well informed as others. The second being, that the show is full of people that don’t know that much but they are smart.  The team of researchers are not afraid of being wrong and welcome new knowledge all the time.

“First of all everybody is born a genius, everybody is intelligent …  everybody is intelligent they’re just not necessarily as well informed”

Curiosity is a common theme that runs through the show also. John explained to Ryan the word “why” is the reason why QI has such a grip on things. It captivates its audience by discussing topics they understand and are interested in.

“It’s partially that it treats the audience that they’re smart and that they will understand and that they are interested in these things.”

John’s new book is called; 1,423 specifically QI facts to bowl you over is published by Faber & Faber.

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