Dramatic rescue on Inch beach ‘The waves were just pulling us in every direction.’

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The bravest of the brave featured on Liveline on Tuesday. Michelle Cremin, a Cork woman, who instinctively threw herself into the swirling waters of Inch beach, County Cork, to rescue a 10-year-old child, nearly losing her own life in the process..

All of this happened a week ago, when Grace, the 10-year-old daughter of Anne Marie Mulrooney, got into difficulty swimming. Michelle Cremin, with little thought for her own safety, raced to help. What followed was a terrifying ordeal, where the young girl was rescued, but Michelle nearly drowned herself. Unsurprisingly, she has been pretty shaken since the event.

Last night, Michelle talked to Anne Marie after Liveline connected them. She has arranged to meet up with Anne Marie next week.

Michelle lives 10 minutes away from Inch beach and visits it nearly every second day. She says the part of the beach where the incident happened is treacherous. She knows she went against all the advice by going in without a flotation device, but she says she couldn’t stand and watch. Grace would not be here now if it wasn’t for Michelle.

But as for Michelle, her experience with these situations is, unfortunately, all too familiar. Her partner has lost two close relatives to the sea.

Michelle took her two nieces to the beach yesterday to warn them what to look out for. She wants to warn people of the danger of the water and to always be aware, to wear a flotation device and to think before acting.

Grace’s mother Ann-Marie Mulrooney spoke to Joe Duffy this afternoon as well and was, needless to say, full of thanks & praise for Michelle.

To listen back to Liveline, click here.

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