‘I think it’s actually quite common and a lot of people don’t really speak about it, you know?’

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They’ve made films based on the subject, films that we all enjoy and have a laugh at but what about when it’s actually real life? We’re talking about bad neighbours here; neighbours from hell, neighbours who have no agenda other than to make living next door to them the thing of nightmares!

On today’s Liveline presented by Damien O’Reilly, a call from Simon prompted a slew of callers to get in touch.

‘For every 5 times I rang the police, there was half a dozen times I didn’t bother’.

Simon and his wife endured years of torment from their neighbours that eventually prompted them to sell up and move on. Did the buyers know what they were buying in to? No.

‘Nobody in their right sense would buy a house with people like that next door’.

Twenty years on, Simon is still at pains to talk about it, saying that he’s sure his wife’s mental health has suffered as a result of it all.

Then came Frances, he lives in Dublin and he’s been woken up during the night to see his neighbours throwing stones at his roof. One of them, a man in his seventies! ‘Sometimes I was actually quite worried about them’, Frances went on to say having seen them at it from 12.22am through to 5am.

‘Your neighbours are supposed to look out for you. They’re not supposed to be the enemy’.

Frances went on to say while in conversation with Damien and another caller Joan that there are just bad people out there. And there’s little that can be done. He even went as far as to film them while at, called around, only to have the perpetrators deny any involvement.

So Frances, it seems you’re right. It is quite common and a lot of people don’t speak about it. That is until you get in touch with Liveline.

Is there anything to be said for building a wall around our homes? Listen back to the item in full here.

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