Community crèches‘I don’t see why they try to take it away from the community, when it’s really needed for parents and kids.’

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Community childcare crèches, mainly in urban disadvantaged areas in Cork,face closure as a result of changes in legislation. The changes brought in in January requires all staff to have a FETAC level 5 minimum, and that means that some of them will have to take on additional staff and fund it themselves.

For Today with Sean O’Rourke, Brian O’Connell met with some of the parents of 233 directly affected children. One young mother, Samantha Austin, spoke of how the crèche does so much more for her sons than just looking after them.

‘He’s more comfortable around people… before he was always just with me and now he’s actually going in and he’s interacting with different kids and different adults’.

Samantha told Brian that having the support of the community childcare crèche allows her to look at applying for college which is something she’d love to be able to do. Without it, that wouldn’t be possible. She wouldn’t be able to afford private childcare.

With concerns that these closures might be rolled out across the country, Samantha had this message for the Government.

‘Please fund them, for the kid’s sakes and the parent’s’.

It’s not just the children that will be affected by these closures but the parents themselves. The Department of Children and Youth Affairs told Brian that a new Affordable Childcare Scheme is currently in development and that it will have aspects to it to help low income families.

To hear the reaction from the childcare providers themselves and how they see how this will go, have a listen back to the item here, it is highly informative. To stay abreast of the situation, you can follow Brian O’Connell on Twitter as he regularly updates his followers on developments.

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