Author Alex Barclay“Is it difficult to write a killer? It’s effortless.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Crime writer Alex Barclay laughs about embracing her dark side. Chatting to Ryan Tubridy today, she admits to getting impatient waiting for baddies to appear in books and movies. Diving into her latest novel, I Confess, Ryan struggled a bit with the idea that such a lovely person could come up with such horrible characters. Alex told him for her, that’s the easy bit:

“Is it difficult to write a killer? It’s effortless”

Alex Barclay’s new book is a kind of “Irish Gothic” set in West Cork. A crime novel about old friends, flashbacks and buried memories, where evil breaks the surface in a stunningly beautiful landscape. Alex says the Beara Peninsula, where she’s lived for the past 12 years, is both an inspiration and a character in the story.

“It’s just an absolute joy to live in… and then set a really nasty book in!”

As well as the support of the people of her adopted home of West Cork, Alex finds huge comfort in the community of crime writers in Ireland and abroad. She says humour is really important to her and for most of her colleagues in the business:

“Crime writers are a fantastic bunch of very funny messers.”

Alex talks more about her forthcoming novel for teenagers, her love of writing dialogue for American and Irish voices and her affinity with mystery fiction writer Daphne Du Maurier. As Ryan said about Alex’s latest book title for young people, “It’s delicious!” All that and more is revealed in the full interview, which you can check out here.

I Confess by Alex Barclay is published by HarperCollins.




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