Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton“These stories are inspirational because the women are not perfect, there is no such thing.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have both enjoyed independent success across the bestseller lists. They’ve recently joined forces however, to create a compendium of inspirational women entitled, The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience. Mother and daughter joined Ryan Tubridy this morning to discuss their latest project, US politics and why female role models are just as important for boys as girls.

Ryan began by wondering how they would define ‘gutsy’, Hillary replied:

“It’s a description of women who live their lives with purpose and determination, often overcoming odds and obstacles, trying to make a positive difference in the world as well as achieving their own hopes and dreams. For us both, these stories are inspirational because the women are not perfect, there is no such thing.”

As Ryan and his guests are all parents to daughters, he felt that the book was as much a manual for inspiring them as it was a lesson in the past. Chelsea agreed, but went further saying;

“I want all three of my children to understand why I admire these women so much and I want my sons to have strong, gutsy women role models, because I think it’s really important that our sons look up to women as well as our girls, to have galvanising, inspiring women that they can draw inspiration from.”

Both Hillary and Chelsea were keen to highlight that celebrating often unacknowledged women, was not about overwriting the history of men, but rather writing women in to history.

“We do owe an enormous debt to not only the 103 women we write about in this book, but to countless others, including in our own lives, who have helped push forward what is possible and what the next generation can imagine, and then do.”

Ryan and Chelsea were in agreement that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be classed by many as being a gutsy woman. Ryan asked when Chelsea felt her mother was at her gutsiest.

“Probably getting up the day after the 2016 election and just keeping going… I know that she didn’t feel then, or now, that her work was finished. I am so proud of her life of gutsiness. People tell me every day that they’re inspired by her.”

On the subject of the 2016 American election and the fallout from it, Ryan remarked that Hillary continues to feature regularly in President Trump’s tweets and remarks. The former US Secretary of State thinks that is because:

“He knows that he is an illegitimate president, that he sought and received help from outside forces.”

While Chelsea agrees, she also thinks gender is part of it.

“I also think it’s because my mom is a woman and he just can’t believe that she went toe-to-toe with him and won 3 million more votes than he did in our popular vote count. I do think that’s part of his ongoing obsession with her. As she says, she lives rent free in his head and it’s think it’s partly because she is a ‘she’.”

You can hear Hillary and Chelsea discuss the vital role Irish woman Anne Sullivan played in Helen Keller’s story, predictions for Election 2020 and why they are passionate about standing up for Baron Trump, in the full interview here.

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