GunPlotEpisode 3 – Plan B

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Plan B: Lies, spies, and betrayal led to the defining political scandal of modern Ireland. What happened to the truth? Questions still remain… GunPlot: A new 8-part podcast series and TV documentary from RTÉ.

A secret plan by members of the Irish Government to import guns into Ireland begins to come together. But forces are gathering in the wings to scupper it. Will the plot survive? GunPlot Episode 3 of 8 – Plan B. Released Weekly.

To continue listening to this series, please subscribe to the GunPlot podcast feed (Available from wherever you get your podcasts).

Companion TV documentary to this series airs Wednesday 28 April at 9.30pm on RTÉ One.


GunPlot was written, recorded and produced by Ronan Kelly and Nicoline Greer.

Sound Design by Damian Chennells

Production assistance from the RTÉ Documentary On One Team.

Special thanks to all our contributors, and to the RTÉ Design, Marketing, Online and Creative Audio departments.

For further information, and articles by Anna Joyce to accompany each episode, visit the GunPlot page on here.

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