'Everybody wanted so much of him that you had to fight for your piece of him.'Glen Campbell’s daughter Debbie

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Debbie Campbell, daughter of famed American singer-songwriter Glen Campbell, sat down with Ray D’Arcy this afternoon to talk about her late father.

From singing her first public duet with her father (“I probably shook the whole time I was on stage”) to realising that he was developing Alzheimer’s, Debbie’s life with her father was not always smooth. She talked about borrowing his jacket one day when she was cold and finding cocaine in the pocket. She lived with Campbell and his wife Billie for a time in a house more opulent than she was used to.

I thought I needed a guide to walk me from one room to the next…But it was beautiful. It wasn’t like a horrible big mausoleum or anything.

“Everything changed”, Debbie said, when Glen started to show symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

“What really brought it to my attention was my kids. They said, ‘Mom, Grandpa’s repeating himself to us. He’s telling us the same things over and over’…I noticed that he started to get very anxious.”

Debbie was appearing to promote the 10th International Dementia Conference. For more information, please visit understandtogether.ie.

Listen back to the whole interview on The Ray D’Arcy Show here

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