Eurovision entry backing dancer Alan McGrath ‘He wanted to use a same sex couple in the video and then make the song, like, universal love is love.’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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It’s all eyes on Lisbon this Saturday night and for the first time in five years, we’re proud to have a horse in the race.  After Tuesday night’s semi-final, the Irish delegation hit international headlines when a Chinese broadcaster censored the Irish performance due to the same-sex couple performing a dance routine on stage.  Ryan Tubridy spoke to one of those dances, Alan McGrath, who spoke about their achievement as well as the controversy.  Of singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s motivation, Alan says,

“He wanted to kind of spread the message that love was universal so that’s why he wanted to use a same-sex couple in the video and then make the song, like, universal love is love.  He’s basically trying to get that fabulous campaign spread across Europe.”

Alan and the team have fielded questions all week about censorship and they’re taking it in their stride.

“I think it’s great that our little country and our small video has had such an effect and such a stir-up in the press…  It’s given us a laugh in a good way, you know, and it’s also good that Ireland is so ahead of time when it comes to being out there with the referendum and the whole marriage equality coming into play and it’s great to be part of that community and get our message across in that way.” 

Far from being thrown by any backlash, Alan and the rest of the Irish contingent are looking forward to getting on stage on Saturday night and beaming out their powerful message.

“We’re here for a good time, not a long time and everyone deserves the chance to love regardless of what you’re into, who you’re into…  It baffles me as well Ryan that some countries and some people are still in the frame of mind that somebody doesn’t have the right to love somebody else.”

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