Eating Disorder‘It’s always a response, really, to something you aren’t able to deal with.’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Stephanie McAlinden is 29 and throughout her life, has battled anorexia and bulimia.

The PhD student at Queens University Belfast specialises in researching eating disorders and she spoke with Dave Fanning on The Ryan Tubridy Show about her concerns over new Netflix movie ‘To the Bone’ , starring Lily Collins.

Stephanie says she will be steering clear of the film and anyone with an eating disorder should do the same.  She explained her reasons for this as she feels the film uses imagery which could be a potential trigger for men and women with eating disorders.

She thinks in many cases you may not know if someone is suffering.

‘The reality is you would not be able to identify most people with an eating disorder. A lot of people with eating disorders will actually continue to look like a normal weight.’

As a primary school pupil, Stephanie developed anorexia nervosa.  She says the disorders actually have ‘nothing to do with food and weight, but are mental disorders.

‘I’ve always had a problem with very intense emotions’

Stephanie explained that numbers play a huge part in the disorders.

‘Everything boils down to a number, the obvious being the number on the scale… then it’s the BMI, it’s calories’

To listen back to the discussion between Stephanie and Dave, click here for the full programme.

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