Donegal Baby Boom‘There was just bump after bump.’

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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When you live in a county with scenery as beautiful as Donegal, you’d think you’d get out more. But, as Kathryn Thomas – sitting in for Ray D’Arcy – found out, the residents of the seaside town of Rathmullan, spent rather a lot of the last year indoors. Yes, Rathmullan experienced a baby boom in 2016: between February and December, thirty-one babies were born in a village of just 550 people.

“I must’ve met ten people that day that were expecting and it was just after that there was just bump after bump.”

Kathryn spoke to two of the mothers, Kelly McKinley and Katrina Trasker. Kelly doesn’t think it was anything in the water, rather the slow emergence from the long recession, that led to so many couples deciding that the time was right to have a baby. And she should know, because she reckons that there are only three or four of the new mums that she doesn’t know.

“It was just nice seeing them all together. They’ll all be going to school and they’ll all get to do stuff together.”

Katrina organised a get-together for all the babies born in 2016 and their parents for Father’s Day and twenty-one of them were able to make it. Five of the babies were born in July and another five in August, leading Katrina and Kathryn to speculate that the run-up to the Christmas season was a particularly cosy one in Rathmullan. “Who’s job was it to count all the bumps?” Kathryn wondered. It was only when she decided to organise the Father’s Day tea party, Katrina said, that she realised just how many babies were born in the small seaside town.

“Sixteen boys to fifteen girls, so we reckon we might get a few marriages out of them in the future.”

Rathmullan, Co Donegal. If you’re going there on holiday this summer, it’s a lovely spot, but just be careful you don’t come home with an unexpected souvenir…!

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