Dermot O’Leary‘Wouldn’t it just be great if she was just a cat during the day and then a member of the elite group of ninjas by night?’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Dermot O’Leary is best known for his role as the host of reality TV juggernaut The X Factor but you may be surprised to learn that when he’s not juggling broadcasting projects he is a fiction writer.  Dermot has just completed his first children’s book “Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape”.

Speaking on The Ryan Tubridy Show, Dermot revealed the inspiration behind the book – his own cat, which was born blind.  He told Ryan that he and his wife both realised that, even though the cat was blind, she had reactions to lights and all sorts of things which amazed them both.

‘She had these incredible reactions and I just thought of something like that wouldn’t it just be great if she was like just a cat during the day and then a member of the elite group of ninjas by night?’

He explained to Ryan that the book is a love letter to his cats and like books, we should not judge cats by what we see at first and sometimes they need to be given a second chance in terms of first appearances.

‘It’s a love letter to my cats obviously… and not judging a book by its cover.’

Dermot admits that he was a bit nervous that the book wouldn’t be a hit for the nieces and Godchildren but was happy to tell Ryan he got confirmation last night at bedtime that they were all fans of his work.

Elsewhere Dermot confirmed that the X Factor production team are currently filming auditions in ‘Judges houses’ (various salubrious locations around the world) to which they joked about Louis Walsh filming his auditions in a house in Istanbul. He said to Ryan that on paper the auditions seem quite simple and all the contestants need is another song or two to push them over the line. However, it’s the intensity and the intimacy of being in the judge’s houses that make the whole thing nerve-wracking.

‘A few people have been fantastic. Never missed a beat all the way through the auditions and then they get to this part and the pressure gets to them and before they know they have messed their lines up. It’s a good limits test really to see who can take the pressure at the live shows.’

To listen back to the full chat between Dermot and Ryan, click here


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