Larry Bass ‘With Dancing with the Stars, we first tried to bring that show here over 10 years ago but BBC see that as one of their national treasures and didn’t really want an Irish version.’

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Popstars, Dragons Den, The Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars.  Just a selection of the hugely popular ‘format’ programming that has become a mainstay on television around the world over the last decade.

In Ireland, Larry Bass of Shinawil Productions is the man who has brought many of these shows to our screens, and he spoke with Richard Curran on The Business.

‘The international world of format television is a very established world.  It was in its infancy when we were doing Popstars’

Larry reveals how he managed to secure ‘Dancing with the Stars’ from the BBC, despite hesitancy from the corporation for many years, and the process by which agreements are made for these formats.

‘You’re tending to deal with the distributors rather than the originators’

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