Cold Feet Novel ‘They came up with the idea of writing a stand-alone novel to bridge the gap between 2003 and 2016’

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If you’re a fan of Cold Feet, chances are you’ll have wondered what the characters were up to between 2003 and their return to our screens in 2016. While the series reboot alluded to the lost years, it was largely left up to the viewer’s imagination.

Well, you’ll soon know. Irish author Carmel Harrington has been commissioned by the creator of hit TV show to “fill in the gaps” between the ’90s and now with a new novel.

Carmel joined Ryan Tubridy on Tuesday to talk about Cold Feet: The Lost Years, which is due for release this September. She’s been a big fan of the show from the early days and identified with the pressures that often fall on thirty-somethings: mortgages, getting married, having children,and the expectation of success and happiness.

Carmel’s writing was informed by her own experience of walking away from a long term relationship in her early thirties. “I was in a long-term relationship but I walked away from it and decided not to get married because it seemed like the thing I should do,” she said, “But I thought it was the wrong thing.”

The audience were attached to the complexities of the characters and their realistic lives, she said, which was evident in the massive viewing figures for the series return in 2016.

“7 million watched the show and loved it…They came up with the idea of writing a stand-alone novel to bridge the gap between the last series in 2003, and perhaps fill in some missing pieces.”

Carmel was initially commissioned to write a few thousand words as a sample, which she likened to the X Factor experience. “I felt like me writing the script was getting through to the first audition with Simon,” she said, “Now I’m getting through to the live final and the public will decide.”

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