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Boy Pilot (1951)


The producer of The Curious Ear documentary series, Ronan Kelly, has been sent a selection of clips by RTÉ Radio Archives to help ease the isolation.

He’s sharing some of them with the RTÉ Radio 1 Highlights page.


This is an interview from September 1951. The interviewee is a boy named Bill Pitt from Dunmore East, Co Waterford. He’s only been flying a month but is already in command of the jargon, using phrases like ‘side-slipping her’.

His answer to ‘Is it difficult to fly a plane?’ – Not really: “Just two things: landing and taking off”.

The phlegmatic Bill isn’t just a flier, he also helps drive the local lifeboat.

The interviewer is not recorded.

This interview sounds as if it’s on an old vinyl record. That’s because this extract is from the Radio Archives Acetate Collection.

These are LP-type discs that were used to record a selection of radio programmes from the 1930s to the 1960s. They’ve just been digitised, thanks to funding from the BAI, which itself is thanks to your TV Licence Fee.

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