Blue Cross Animal Charity‘Our mission is to provide veterinary care to as many pet owners as possible and to promote animal welfare.’

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Dogs, as we know, are not just for Christmas, as animal charities are drumming into our heads this and every festive season.  Part of being a responsible pet owner is taking care of aches, pains and vaccinations year round and The Blue Cross Animal Charity is doing its best to make this achievable and affordable for all.  Reporting for Today with Sean O’Rourke, Evelyn O’Rourke spent an evening in Smithfield with one of the charity’s mobile clinics.  She spoke to Una O’Toole, Head of Veterinary Services.

“At our mobile clinics, we do vaccination and minor treatments.  We’ll do vaccinations for any dogs that need boosters or puppies that need first vaccines, kittens that need vaccines, and then minor ailments can be treated at our mobile clinics as well…  anything requiring surgery or a little biopsy of a lump, that’s all referred into our clinic in Inchicore.”

The outreach service operates in a number of locations every night of the week and relies on a dedicated panel of vets and volunteers to keep the show on the road.  Una says,

“Our mission is to provide veterinary care to as many pet owners as possible and to promote animal welfare, so we’re there for people who might find the cost of private veterinary clinics prohibitive.”

The service caters to an array of pets but the more unusual animals are seen in the Inchicore facility – no snakes in Smithfield, please!  There is a suggested donation of €25 but no animal will be turned away if the owner can’t afford the service.  Over 27,000 procedures took place last year alone and their main message is to promote responsible pet ownership.  Also worth noting is that for €5 extra, Fido can even get his nails done.

Listen back to the full segment on the Today with Sean O’Rourke programme here.

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