Actor Amy De Bhrún“I always say a mis-spent youth watching Brookside was what I was channelling.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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We’ve all been there – you land a part in a big TV show, do some great work on the season you’re in, your scouse accent getting the thumbs-up from real scousers, but your on-screen spouse dies, and you think that’s that, it was good while it lasted. But then you get the call – can you come back for the next season? Surprised but delighted you say yes, yes I can. Sound familiar? No, not really. Not unless you’re Amy De Bhrún, that is. The Irish actor, currently to be seen in season 6 of Jed Mercurio’s smash-hit series, Line of Duty, spoke to Ryan Tubridy about her character’s re-appearance, that accent and the Sunday night WhatsApp group. All this while Ryan geeked out to the incredibly tense theme tune to the BBC’s police anti-corruption blockbuster. But they started with the accent: 

“I auditioned in the accent, the readthrough in the last series was in the accent and then again in this one. Funny, I always say a mis-spent youth watching Brookside was what I was channelling.” 

Keep watching the soaps, kids – they could come in handy when you’re playing opposite renowned Liverpudlian actor, Stephen Graham: 

“I think I only found out just before I was doing the first readthrough that Stephen Graham was playing my husband. And then you get the fear, because you’re going, ‘Oh God, I’m going to be found out.’ But he said he didn’t know I wasn’t from Liverpool.” 

That’s a remarkable job done right there. But Stephen Graham’s character is dead, yet there’s Amy’s character in the new season. Ryan wants to know what she’s up to.  

“I sort of left the programme going, that was a gorgeous gig, that was beautiful, I loved it, I got on really well and I knew that the writer Jed had liked my work.” 

He obviously did. But why is Amy’s character back? What does it mean? Amy promises that when we finish the series it will all make sense. Let’s hope so. But in the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and watch, one Sunday night drop at a time. The agony and the ecstasy.  

You can hear Ryan’s full conversation with Amy de Bhrún by going here

The nailbiting sixth season of Line of Duty is currently airing on Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC One. 

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